Send In The Clowns

I get five channels now (six if you count the Mexican soap opera network), but the one I watch the most is MeTV.  It’s one of those nostalgia channels in the spirit of Nick-at-Nite, or at least what Nick-at-Nite used to be.*  Their lineup is brilliant, and I see no reason why I should be wasting my time watching reality shows when Rockford Files is on.  Seriously, there hasn’t been a cop drama in the last few decades that could rival either Columbo or Kojak.  Networks are literally littered with Chuck Lorre “comedies,” none of which can hold a candle to real comedies like Cheers or M*A*S*H.  I’ll take Christopher Lloyd’s bat-shit-crazy “Reverend Jim” from Taxi over the real-life bat-shit-crazy Charlie Sheen any day.

Well, I’m watching The Carol Burnett Show tonight, and I saw something that made me go, “Whoa,” so I figured I’d share it.  People tend to forget that the show wasn’t actually a sketch comedy show–it was a variety show, which meant they had a variety of entertainment, including musical numbers, monologues, and even the occasional dramatic bit.  Carol Burnett may not have the greatest set of pipes to have ever sung this song, but I honestly believe she performed it with more feeling than Judy Collins, Shirley Bassey, Barbara Streisand, or even Frank Sinatra ever did.

* [EDITOR’S NOTE:  Apparently “Nick-at-Nite” is now “Nick@Nite” and the lineup consists of decidedly non-retro shows like George Lopez and How I Met Your Mother.  Bring me the heads of the television programmers who decided a show that ran a year ago is “retro,” and I’ll stick them on pikes along with the heads of the executives who took the music videos away from MTV.  The “M” is for “music,” not “morons,” dammit.]

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