The View From Up Here

Fayetteville sunset (pano)

The next time you find yourself inexorably wallowing in your own self-pity, knock it the fuck off for a moment and take a breather to look around, because there’s beauty to be found in even the most unlikely of places.  And no, I don’t mean sunsets–sunsets are by their very nature inherently beautiful, and anyone who can’t find beauty in a good sunset is either blind or completely void of a soul.*  Rather, I mean that I got to see this particular sunset today at the library where I work because I took a moment to step out for some fresh air at just the right time.  Fayetteville is regularly blessed with amazing sunsets, but had I not been in a place where I didn’t want to be (both emotionally and physically) then I would have completely missed out on this one.

Here’s a closer look:


(Unprocessed snapshots taken from my iPhone — click on photos for full size)

One of our regular special needs patrons at the library was also outside enjoying the vista, and he turned to me and smiled and said, “God’s work.”  I smiled back and nodded my head–couldn’t really argue with him there, I reckoned.

*so yes, if you’re wondering, even Ray Charles could have found beauty in a sunset because that cat was FULL of soul

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